How to sell your house by owner

For Sale by Owner

  1. You absolutely can sell your house by owner. Given the money, knowledge, and time required, a homeowner can sell his home himself. The things you will need are: An accurate market value of your home. You need to have a good idea of what your home will appraise for. Or, purchase an appraisal. Or have a brokerage do a comparative analysis

  2. An evaluation of the condition of your home and how it compares to your competition. Visit the homes for sale that you are competing against. The desire is to have your home out-shine your competition.

  3. Prepare a condition disclosure. Submit the disclosure to prospective buyers and have them sign and date it. The disclosure will give you a leg-to-stand-on if the buyer were to file a court claim against you after the purchase.

  4. Prepare professional home photos, videos, and/or drone-cam to include in your advertising

  5. Purchase advertising. Purchase and install a home-for-sale sign in your yard. Purchase MLS advertising, TV advertising, newspaper advertising, magazine advertising, and advertising in any form of media what will put your product in front of the buyer.

  6. Purchase a Key Lockbox and install it on your front door.

  7. Receive phone calls inquiring about your home for sale. Answer questions about your home for sale

  8. Make appointments with Realtors or potential buyers that are interested in viewing your home. Prepare the home for the showing. Make safety arrangements if the buyer is not represented by a Realtor.

  9. Consider purchasing a Home Warranty to make the purchase more attractive. A Home Warranty will also eliminate phone calls from the buyer after the purchase. In other words, if ad when something breaks he will call the Home Warranty people instead of calling you.

  10. Prepare and conduct an Open House(s) on weekends.

  11. Any potential buyers that are not represented by a Brokerage of Realtor, you need to be prepared to handle the entire transaction yourself. If they want to purchase your home, in many cases they will not know the next step. Before you contemplate assisting them in writing a purchase contract you need to consider the fact that they may not financially qualify. No need to go forward with someone not financially pre-qualified. One of the first steps a Realtor takes with a potential Buyer is to determine if they are financially capable to purchase a home.

  12. Prepare to receive a written offer to purchase your home. When you received a written offer, you can, accept the offer, ignore the offer and let it expire, make a counter offer.

  13. There will be numerous contingencies spelled-out within the contract. The contingencies will need to be removed in a timely manner before the closing date.

  14. An attorney will need to be employed and all data and information, including final loan approval, will need to be submitted to the attorney.

  15. The buyer, seller, and representing Realtors, will meet at the Attorneys office on the closing date and the settlement and title transfer will take place.

  16. At 5pm on that day the seller will release the property to the buyer


Marion Lee Taylor
Charleston SC Realtor
Closings and Settlement