There are LOTS of things to consider when buying a home. I remember my first home purchase. I did not know “how” it was going to happen but I did know it “was” going to happen somehow. When I met a Realtor (I will never forget her) that said to me “impossible only takes 15 more minutes”, I knew I was right.

Some of the items to consider when buying:

1. How much house do you think you can afford?

2. How much house do the lenders think you can afford?

3. How much are the lenders willing to loan you?

4. Do you have the down payment yet?

5. Are you aware closing costs equal approximately 3% of the sales price?

6. Do you want a previously owned home? new home? condo?

7. If previously owned is an option for you, have you considered a Home-Owners-Warranty?

8. Whose names do you want to appear on the title?

9. Have you zeroed in on an area where you want to live?

10. Do you have a current home you want to sell at the same time you purchase another?

11. Do you have items that are must-haves? Examples: Fenced-in backyard, rear deck, double-car garage, hardy plank siding.

12. Do you have information on the local schools, churches?

13. Do you know the demographics of the area in which you are interested?

14. Is flood insurance required in the area where you are looking?

15. Is there a Home-Owners-Association cost in the subdivision in which you are considering?

16. The lender will require you to purchase an appraisal and a termite inspection

17. You will be required to purchase a Homeowners Insurance policy.

18. If you borrow more than 80% of the sales price you will be required to pay Mortgage Insurance monthly.

19. Have you selected a closing attorney?

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