Questions To Ask

What is the advantage of using a Mortgage Broker?

What is the difference between a MORTGAGE BROKER and a LENDER

What do Mortgage Brokers do?

How much do Mortgage Brokers cost?

How much house can I afford?

 How much am I going to need for a down payment?

How much are closing costs?

 Am I looking for a used home, a new home, or either?

Why should I purchase a HOME-OWNERS-WARANTY?

 Whose names should I put on the title?

 In which AREA OF TOWN do I want to live?

 Can I buy a home contingent on the selling of my current home?

 What are my must-haves?
Fenced-in backyard?
Rear deck?
Double-car garage?

 Where do I find information on school districts?

Where do I find information on places of worship?

 Where do I find information on the demographics of the area(s) in which you am interested?

 Are flood insurance and hurricane insurance required in the area(s) where I are looking?

 Is there a Home-Owners-Association in the subdivision in which I are considering?

 How much should I expect to pay for:

 A loan appraisal?
A termite inspection?
Property Taxes?
Homeowners Insurance?
Mortgage Insurance?

Do I know which attorney I plan to use?

Should I ask for an attorney recommendation?