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– A Charleston Fossil Hunter –

I moved to Charleston 20 years ago for many reasons. Some of the reasons are… it has a very interesting history, wonderful restaurants, delicious food, easy ocean access, beautiful beaches, great boating opportunities, excellent areas for Jet-Skiing, three offshore reefs for Scuba diving, and of course the Fossilized Sharks Teeth.

I became attracted to Fossil Hunting in 1996. If you find yourself interested in fossilized sharks teeth (be careful, it is addictive), I have a Facebook page titled Charleston Shark Teeth. Since the time of my first exposure, fossil hunting became a hobby of mine. It may seem like an odd hobby, but it is actually very common and VERY popular in Charleston SC. 

The primary purpose or this website is to advertise that I buy and sell Charleston Real Estate. Yes I am an active Realtor and a member of the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors.

Below you will find a video of a downtown Charleston Fossil Museum. I hope you enjoy it.

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I often get asked “where can I find fossilized sharks teeth”. I will post a video below but you need to be cognizant of this: Fossils are formed in the sedimentary layers of the earths crust. They will remain there millions of years until something disturbs them. Rain, rivers, and creeks are what typically cause a fossil to become dislodged from the sediment. The fossil will then gravitate towards other materials of the same weight and density. This is why sharks teeth are often found in gravel beds

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